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"Wellness is attained little by little, yet nevertheless no little thing itself."

~Zeno of Citium

SPEAKER | EDUCATOR | AUTHOR | Energy Practitioner

PerCilla Zeno, CCHW, CPRS, HTP-A is a paraprofessional born in Washington, DC, and reared in San Diego, CA. She is an energetic voice in our time—sharing her moxie, wit, and wisdom. She is also a retired Navy Spouse with a dynamic career as an authentic motivational speaking/educator, prolific healer/entrepreneur, and now thought-provoking author. 

Isn't it time you took care of you ?


Stimulate your own healing process through a combination of all-natural stress-reduced evidence-based techniques that offers the resilience that's needed.


Helping your restore yourself back to a healthy mind, body, and spirit is our specialty.


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Book our workshops, e-trainings, retreats & virtual services to bring a greater sense of calm, ease of tension and promote healing from stress, trauma, divorce, physical pain, burnout, grief, insomnia, panic attack, and more.

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We are trained and certified to offer corporations and community groups evidence-based methods to benefit individual, group, and community wellness. We invite you to check out what people are saying about us.

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While you're taking care of everyone else, who's taking care of you?


Prioritize yourself! The people and events in your life are important, for sure, but so are you.

De-stress, Reboot and Rejuvenate with me.

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Are you stuck in a junk heap of negative past experiences? You suddenly realized you're not the superhero. Find what's blocking your flow to the highest and best you!

I Am Healing: 7 Secrets to Wellness and Self-Care is your life-jacket to healing and self-care while you ... save you!
These intensely personal short stories will help you proclaim...

I AM Healing!

Self-Healing Retreats

PerCilla's practical applications offers ways of being and things to do to support people on their healing journey. We do this by starting with each person in the room and helping to bring their learning from the classroom into their home/agency/organization.

" During my first Energy work session with Percilla, honestly, I didn't know what to expect. Yep, I was a little skeptical, didn't know if something creepy was going to happen. After one healing session, the stomach issues and the electrical sensations were gone. That night I slept like a baby chimp, nine hours straight! And, I felt something I hadn't felt in years, a complete sense of peace and well being.  To give some background, I have my Bachelors in Nursing and I was a practicing Registered Nurse for twelve years. I understand the human body and health care. So when I say, Percilla's healing session changed my life, I'm not making that statement lightly. "

- Alicia Singleton, Award-Winning Author (One-on-One Session) -

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