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Operating 45 mins. from Virginia Beach, Virginia. | Email: ​​info@PerCillaZeno.com

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About PerCilla Zeno

"After you've done all you can for others physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, who is taking care of you?"

"BE WeLL RoCK on!"

PerCilla Zeno, CCHW, HTP-A

Healer / Speaker / Forthcoming Author / Facilitator



I am a Health Worker certified in Community Health by the Virginia State Board of Health Professions and an Energy Healer certified by the Healing Program accredited by the American Nurses Credentialing Center. I also have gifts as an Intuitive Empath. I am not a Doctor or Trained Physician or Psychotherapist; however, I do from time-to-time refer such professions to my clients.




I facilitate self-healing and provide education on self-care during their 1-on-1 sessions. I’ve worked with clients who are physically, emotionally and spiritually challenged based on their unique experiences be it physical pain, insomnia, high blood pressure, divorce, loss, anxiety, depression, stolen innocence, agoraphobia and more. I’ve helped overwhelmed doctors and nurses, entrepreneurs, overworked clients and those who just feel unbalanced.


I facilitate self-healing on a massage table and work with the human energy field in a way that is relaxing, as the client self heals. All clients are fully clothed as we complete the session. I also accommodate distant healing for those who are unable to physically be present, while using all of my training and certifications, as well as the alternative medicine tools obtained from my education. Incorporating my intuitive and empathic gifts, allows me to serve my clients in the highest and best way. As each client transcends from the start point of their self-care and wellness in mind, body, and spirit, we set mutual goals at levels that will catapult them into authentic transformative growth.


When will it be completed?

Regarding the length of sessions, each initial meeting is 75 - 90 min long — each session after is 30 - 45 min. Lifetime clients are not my goal unless you are solely coming for relaxation purposes so ongoing care will depend on the client. The compassionate healing I facilitate, allows my clients to trust me wholeheartedly, which provides an open, private and honest dialogue between us. For this reason, I am selective with the clients I take on and ask they be selective to ensure a good fit. The testimonials I’ve received matches what I envisioned for my clients. I recommend at least 10 - 12 sessions. Sustaining continued success in mind, body, and spirit, accompanied with highly professional and ethical services is the utmost importance for me. Be it through my relaxing physical “hands-on/off” energy medicine sessions or my tranquil distant healing video chat sessions. It’s vital that the client feels they are getting what they need. Services delivered are via phone, virtual, and face-to-face depending on the client’s convenience.



As a Healing Partner, I take pride in the range of certifications, gifts, and talents that I’ve learned and obtained. Doing so allows me to provide quality over quantity to my clients, as I over deliver in a way that makes my practice and services unique. I also offer a 100% money back guarantee, if you are not happy with my service after the 1st relaxation energy healing session. My fun and tranquil workshops and retreats are an added socially inclusive bonus! A win-win for me is only when the client sees continued successful results, be it mental peace, physical relaxation and/or spiritual balance. No matter who’s serving you, results are what matter. Sending you Love and Light and I’m so grateful and Thank you for stopping by. 






* Certified Community Health Worker - Virginia Board of Health Professions / Institute for Public Health Innovation & City of Chesapeake (CPRS)



* Certified Energy Medicine HTP-A

Healing Touch Program

Accredited by American Nurses Credentialing Center



* Health & Wellness Training (Coaching) - University of North Carolina at Greensboro (Accredited) & Greensboro Health Education Ctr.


* Certificate in Demystifying Mindfulness - Certificate#S9S3YKLSFAXC, Leiden University - Accredited


* (20) Twenty yrs. of profitable Entrepreneurial experiences

(5) Five years successfully sustained in Asia.


***PerCilla Zeno is not a Psychotherapist and offers no medical treatment. Mink Wellness as a whole suggests avenues to seek such referrals as a part of the support and wellness program.


"As a small, women and minority-owned business we proudly offer state, federal, corporate, & individual services, and are always open to the opportunities to interface."

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