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What People Are Saying About PerCilla Zeno, TheHealingPartner


"Her published work landed this author, PerCilla Zeno a hand-picked invitation to launch her book at Saks Fifth Avenue. It was the door to an appearance on the television networks NBC and CBS. In addition, an commendation from both the Grammy Award Winner Queen Latifah and Grammy Award Nominated Singer Deva Premal."

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Margaret M.

Director of  Private School (Retreat Attendee)

“ I thoroughly enjoyed the day at this retreat... the laughter, the mindful walk and meditation for relaxation. I am also a Practitioner of Mindfulness, and I am reminded of how wonderful it is to practice in a group. ”
- Virginia, USA

Award-Winning Author (One-on-One Session)

" During my first Energy work session with Percilla, honestly, I didn't know what to expect. Yep, I was a little skeptical, didn't know if something creepy was going to happen. After one healing session, the stomach issues and the electrical sensations were gone. That night I slept like a baby chimp, nine hours straight! And, I felt something I hadn't felt in years, a complete sense of peace and well being.  To give some background, I have my Bachelors in Nursing and I was a practicing Registered Nurse for twelve years. I understand the human body and health care. So when I say, Percilla's healing session changed my life, I'm not making that statement lightly. " - Maryland, USA

Meagan R.

Entrepreneur of an Organic Juice Shop (Retreat Attendee)

“ I loved it all...turning our phones on airplane mode was Awesome..... Just to unplug was a game changer for me today!. ” - Virginia, USA

Roni Watkins

Wife (One-on-One Session)

“ Words cannot express the exceptional experience I had with Percilla during my Energy Work session. What an angel on earth. I originally had a phone conversation with her that brought about a face to face interaction. I felt closer to her than some people I have known for years. She is awesome. Did I already say that?​ I left feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, invigorated and wish I could have taken her home with me to share her gift with the world. I can't wait for my next Energy session. Yesterday was the beginning of a new beginning. Thanks Percilla for being with me on my journey to well being! " - Virginia, USA

Chuck T.

Entertainment Journalist (Retreat Attendee)

“ This seminar was so valuable to me...not only PerCilla's tools and positivity, but also to share it with others who are also empowering.... ” - New York, USA

​Kenya Watts

Roni & Rose Natural Hair Care Innovator (One-on-One Session)

“ Thank you for what you bring to business owners and all of us that need some elevation. You're appreciated more than you know. ” - Georgia, USA

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