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Common Practice

Mission & Vision

Our Mission in Wellness and Self-Care is to express, empower and effect using holistic wellness tools and alternative medicine for self-healing in health and life recovery. No matter what that may look like for all walks of life, Mindfulness Inspires New Knowledge (M.I.N.K.) and provides tools to assist the client into self healing and transformative growth.
Envisioning our clients sustaining the new mind-shift for continued success in self-care for health & wellness, personal life, career life as well as entrepreneurially. 
Offering highly professional and ethical, face-to-face, group retreats, video and telephonic services; these evidence based proven methods of alternative medicine and re-connection methods, brings release, joy, balance, harmony and peace during life's journey from electronic and social disconnections.
M.I.N.K. Wellness offers the self-care tools needed, when health or life issues become challenging, and/or provides a place of renewing and rejuvenation.
As a small, women and minority owned business, we proudly offer state, federal, corporate, & individual services, and are always open to the opportunities to interface.

Expressing , Empowering and Effecting while giving evidence, strength and hope!

Evidence that someone else has gotten through it.

Strength to carry on and Hope to lead the way!

What to Expect

1) Free Consultation - Determine client needs , Explain Alliance, Explain Process.

2) Book & Schedule online - Confirm your date, with payment.

3) Code of Ethics are always a client priority., all info remains confidential
4) Fully clothed when on Massage Table for a session.
5) Non-invasive use of touch or near touch to influence
the human energy system in a intentional heart centered way.

Code of Ethics

As a coaching professional it is important that services are conducted in a manner that is ethical and supportive of the coaching profession.

Conduct of coaching services:
  1. I will not knowingly make any statements that are untrue or misleading about what I offer as a coach.​
  2. I will provide accurate information regarding my coaching qualifications, expertise, experience and certifications.
  3. I will protect the confidentiality, security and privacy of my clients by maintaining, storing, and disposing of any information obtained during the coaching relationship in a manner that complies with applicable laws and agreements.  
  4. I will not knowingly take any personal, professional or monetary advantage of the coach client relationship, except by a form of compensation as agreed in the agreement or contract.
  5. I will set clear agreement or contract with my client at the initiation of the coaching relationship. I will honor all agreements or contracts made within the context of my coaching relationships.
  6. I will in sure that my coaching clients understand the rules and responsibilities within the coaching relationship, the manner in which their information will be protected, financial arrangements, and any
  7. other times of the coaching agreement or contract.
  8. I will be responsible for setting clear, appropriate, and culturally sensitive boundaries that govern any physical contact I may have with my clients.
  9. I will respect the clients right to terminate the coaching relationship at any point during the process. I will conclude the coaching relationship if there are indications that the client is no longer benefiting from our coaching relationship.
  10. I will recognize the limitations of my coaching services based on knowledge, skills, experience or other related consideration and will provide coaching only when I am qualified to do so.
  11. I will refer my clients to the services of professionals when deemed necessary or appropriate.
  12. For the purpose of Advertising, clients must give expressed permission.
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B & F

Benefits & Features


​Energy Medicine Therapy for things such as:
  • Stress.
  • BurnOut.
  • Divorce.
  • Overwhelmed.
  • Grief. / Insomnia


  • ​Lunch & Learns
  • Tele-Conf. Sessions
  • Corporate / Individual
  • Speaking Engagements
  • Mini Day Relaxation Retreats
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Frequently Asked Question

Common Questions

  • I Don't Have A Fear Of Public Speaking, So I Don't Need A Coach. Right?"
    Wrong. Confidence alone doesn’t make you a great public speaker, and the consequences of misspeaking can be enormous. One poor response can do millions of dollars in damage to a company. Even the best public speakers benefit from help.
  • I Have A Speech Scheduled For Tomorrow. Can You Help Me?
    Yes and no. The only thing you can really do the evening before with someone who has had no training is smooth out some minor delivery issues. We cannot make an inexperienced speaker look like Tony Robbins in two hours. Plan for several sessions and even a rehearsal in the actual venue.
  • Can We Meet In Person?
    You not only can, you should. Establishing a rapport with your potential coach is critical to the success of your training—and the best way to do so is face-to-face. It’s not like working with a psychiatrist, but you have to be equally as comfortable
  • How Much Do You Cost?
    Price depends on factors including the duration, type and level of intensity of the work. Request a consultation below to find out our rates for you.
  • Have You Coached Executives In My Industry And At My Level?
    You don’t want to waste time educating your coach on what communication looks like in your field in our humble opinion.
  • Will You Videotape Me?
    Even if you’re not going on TV, video is a great tool for improving your presentation skills. Seeing yourself as others see you is enlightening. Just make sure to get the original videos when you’re done. You can practice from them or destroy them essentially.
  • Will You Sign A Confidentiality Agreement?
    You don’t want your image and presentation undermined by embarrassing videos turning up on YouTube. Walk away from a coach who won’t sign a confidentiality agreement.
  • Do You Focus On Content Or Delivery?
    Most executives believe they only need help with the latter, but any good coach will insist on working on both. A flawed message makes the messenger look bad.
  • What Kind Of Follow Up Service Do You Offer?
    Don’t stop training once your presentation/speech/appearance is over. A good trainer will give you drills, tips and tactics to help you improve on your own.
  • Are There Communication Problems That You Can't Help Me With?
    Many people come to us and ask for help with accent reduction or a lisp. These are specialties that might involve a different profession. So it behooves someone to know the difference early on.
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